Services provided by the Synagogue Strategies Group include:

♦  Strategic Planning.  How does a synagogue see its future? How can we make our synagogue even more vibrant? How can our dreams become reality? We will work with synagogue leaders to engage a critical mass of a congregation in sacred conversations that look to the future. A campaign vision document will be created to serve as the basis for discussions with potential donors.

♦  Donor Capacity Analysis and Major Gift Planning.  It is true:  90 percent of the contributions to any significant fundraising initiative must come from 10 percent of the donors. For most synagogues, success depends on the giving of its top 25-50 donors.  SSG can help synagogue leaders identify congregants with the greatest capacity for giving. Most importantly, SSG will help synagogue leaders develop a strategy for cultivation and solicitation. Our focus:  the stronger the connection a prospective donor has to the vision of the synagogue, the greater the likelihood the prospective donor will give a maximum gift.

♦  Feasibility Study.  A feasibility study assesses a synagogue’s readiness to conduct a comprehensive campaign. Congregants surveyed must have the capacity to make significant gifts and/or the ability to influence others. A feasibility study assesses campaign readiness as well as the interest and financial capacity of congregants to engage in and fund the vision for the future. Such a study can also help foster stronger connections for congregants to the synagogue and to the collective dreams of this sacred community.

♦  Campaign Management and Counsel.  SSG will work closely with synagogue leaders to implement the campaign plan that is developed. Together, we will develop all campaign materials and a plan for recruiting campaign volunteers, develop solicitor training and supervision, and provide ongoing counsel on campaign strategy for the clergy and synagogue leaders.

♦  Technology Assessment.  Technology plays an important part in successful business operations. Maintaining membership lists, recording and acknowledging gifts, tracking pledges and payments, and reporting cash flow are essential to successful synagogue fundraising. SSG can work with synagogue staff and leaders to ensure your technology best serves your needs.

♦  Member Engagement.  The more your members feel engaged in the synagogue community, the easier your task.  With a membership engagement assessment, we can help your congregation develop strategies for making your synagogue more welcoming and an even more vibrant Sacred Community.