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Being There

“She is 102 and just joined our synagogue.” I had coffee with a rabbi friend and asked him what’s going on. And he told me this great story. Martha’s husband had died several years ago. He was the CEO of

Warm and Welcoming –But Pay Your Bill!

Some of us often posit that Jewish holidays – particularly the High Holy Days, Hanukkah and Passover – are either early or late. If Rosh Hashanah (“RH”) falls just after Labor Day, I often hear comments about the holidays being

Belonging to a Movement: Do People Really Care?

Some friends once shared a story about how they picked a synagogue when they moved to the area. They visited the Conservative and Reform synagogues that were nearest for Shabbat worship. They also met with each of the rabbis. One


The internet has brought about greater financial transparency for not-for-profits. It is rare when an organization’s most recent financial statement and IRS 990 – the tax filing for not-for-profits – is not found on its website. What about synagogues? Recently,

How We Pay

I was speaking with my friend Carl today. He lives in Atlanta and attends a Methodist Church. He shared with me that this is a big weekend for Methodists. 864 Delegates will be gathering in St. Louis to consider several

Nickel and Dimed-Really?

When our children were in elementary, middle and high school, it seemed that the PTA and the local Fund for Educational Excellence were always in fundraising mode. Bake sales, wrapping paper, silent and public auctions – every month there was


The change in minimum wage laws in New York for fast food restaurant workers impacts synagogues, too. Two and a half years ago, I wrote about the change in Federal Labor Laws and how synagogues would be affected. Your synagogue

Not Again….

When our son was 4, he went to a school that was Pre-K to Grade 2. Mrs. Jones sat at a desk greeting all visitors who arrived. She was the kind of woman who put the fear of God into

Tax Benefits?

Do people support the synagogue financially because it is advantageous in terms of taxes? I doubt it is the first thing people think about when considering becoming a part of a synagogue community. Even when the first invoice comes for

High Holy Day Appeal:Facebook

I admit it. I am an avid user of Facebook. Perhaps 2-3 times a day. I catch up on my children and their posts – although I sometimes think that they don’t share all of their posts with me. Friends