Month: March 2017

13 Questions About Synagogue Finance*

Most synagogue leaders are immersed in budget preparation for next year. For others, this process is just a few months away and will be here before you know it. And too often, the budgeting process is simply to add funds

Discretionary Funds

Maybe it is something in the water, or because it is Spring. I have been asked a few questions recently about the Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund. One synagogue leader inquired about auditing his synagogue’s discretionary fund. Their rabbi had been at

Just Care

Engagement. Relational Judaism. Mission and Vision. Welcoming. Theory of Social Change. Metrics. Social Media. These are but a few of the buzz words of synagogue life – that is stuff that thought leaders talk and write about a lot. And


We can all agree that the closing of a synagogue for any reason is just sad. Changing demographics and economics throughout North America have contributed to the closing of both synagogues and churches since the turn of this century. Synagogues

Bazar Bazaar

Concerts. Deli Night. Art Auctions. Casino Night. Bingo. These are just some of the fundraising event ideas that have become a staple for several synagogues, and local community organizations across North America. And there was the annual bazaar at the