Month: January 2017

7 Financial Challenges for Synagogues

The synagogue has a lot of debt. Synagogues undertaking a capital campaign to renovate, expand, or buy a piece of property and build a new synagogue is a good thing. Assuming debt and taking on a mortgage, not so much.


It is a tough time to write with a positive outlook.  But now is the opportunity for synagogues to step up! Since my first visit to Israel in 1975, my hope and dream for peace continues.  But I must admit

Back In The Day

“Back in the day”, there were two primary means of communication. The telephone, and written communication that included the letter and printed materials on paper like newsletters. The telephone has changed dramatically in my lifetime. My parents had three telephones

Foundations Will Save Us?

Not in the spiritual sense, but financially? It is a common question I hear. The synagogue’s vice-president for Finance does her analysis. The streams of income from dues/annual commitments, religious school, pre-school, and the High Holy Day Appeal have been

It’s Just a Building

I know I have written about moving and downsizing. When we bought our house more than 31 years ago, who knew that the roof would need to be replaced, that we would need a new boiler, and install French drains