Month: August 2016


Maybe it is all in the name. When I think of tickets, I think entertainment. Broadway shows like Hamilton and Fiddler on the Roof. Sporting events like the Red Sox games at Fenway, and of course Bill Russell’s Celtics at

High Holy Days: Getting Ready

Are the High Holy Days really ever late or early? This year, they really are later. The Jewish calendar has an extra month this year, Adar II, to help put everything back in sync with the lunar calendar. The Gregorian

Pews & Politics

I was hoping that the Olympics might provide us with a respite as well as a diversion from the Presidential campaign. With the presence of social media and TV cable news channels that broadcast 24/7, I am not so sure.

Endowment: Don’t Touch It!!

When I was young, Belmont Savings Bank had a “Christmas Club” as a way for young people to save. My parents encouraged me to save $1-$2 each week. By Chanukkah, I would have some money to use to buy presents