Month: February 2016

Synagogues and Elections: Redux

I have always been a political junkie. And this presidential election has certainly captured my interest – and of many other people, I imagine. The debates have certainly been entertaining, to say the least. The faith of the candidates in

When Dues and Fundraising Are Not Enough

Why do things change? It seemed like only yesterday – 10 years ago actually – the congregation had grown very quickly to 550 families. Its future was never brighter. The congregation expanded its building with classrooms and renovated the social

Bingo, Rummage Sales & Shalach Manot

The flyer for our synagogue’s annual Shalach Manot fundraising effort tied to Purim came in the mail over the weekend. Which was of course the impetus for today’s blog. Contribute a certain amount of money, and around Purim, a Shalach

Country Clubs and Synagogues: Are Both Egalitarian?

Years ago, I staffed a country club campaign for its annual UJA breakfast. On the same Sunday in June, the four Jewish clubs sponsored a breakfast for the men with a speaker followed by a golf tournament. The day was

Numbers vs. Community and Meaning

What are some of the synagogue numbers that are important? The bean counters always look at the budget metrics. How are we doing in terms of receivables for dues, religious school and fundraising compared to last year? What is the