End of Year: Something Practical

I have been writing about different strategies for the end of year. I thought it best to actually include draft copy that you can use in either email or letter format.

I would suggest sending this out in the middle of Hanukkah, on either December 7th or 8th.

Whether it be a letter or an email, the idea here is to take advantage of December – the last month in the calendar year – and do something!


December 8, 2015

Dear Temple ABC family and friends, (if you have the ability to personalize with first names, that is even better)

Each year Hanukkah reminds us of the power of an ancient story to strengthen our Jewish identity and commitment to spreading light.

At Temple ABC, we are committed to telling the story of Hanukkah as well as the stories of Jewish life in our own community. And what stories we can tell:

Here are just a few highlights of what has been going on within our sacred community since we were all together at the High Holy Days:

  • 300 children are enrolled in our Religious School, and 50 in our Hebrew High School
  • 15 young men and women were called to the Torah as a Bar/Bat Mitzvah
  • Our clergy made 65 visits to congregants who were at the Community Hospital
  • Our Tikkun Olam team collected more than 2000 pounds of food for the local soup kitchen

While we have accomplished a great deal together in just 4 months –which have gone by very quickly – there is still a great deal to do to build an even stronger sacred community for all of our congregants.

To that end, I want to invite you to help us finish the calendar year strong and prepare ourselves for what will be an exciting first six months of 2016. Please consider making a special year-end charitable contribution to Temple ABC. As you know, annual dues/commitments, while important, represent just 80% of our synagogue’s annual budget. The rest comes from contributions from people like you and me – people who believe that Temple ABC is an integral part of our lives.

At this time of year, I know that you are asked by many worthy organizations for contributions. And I know that you are crazy busy. Please take a few minutes in the coming days, before December 31 to take advantage of a 2015 tax deduction, to make a contribution to Temple ABC.

You can make a contribution online by clicking here (put the hyperlink to your synagogue’s online donation page here), or you can send your check to Temple ABC, 123 Main Street, Anywhere, USA 12345

Thank you in advance for your support. May the Hanukkah lights bring much warmth and joy to your home.




Temple ABC President

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