Month: November 2015

Security: Should We Be Alarmists?

World events in recent weeks have once again made many of us sensitive to issues of security. Paris, Mali, Colorado Springs. It is sad, but tragic events like what we have recently experienced will no doubt happen again. The world

End of Year: Something Practical

I have been writing about different strategies for the end of year. I thought it best to actually include draft copy that you can use in either email or letter format. I would suggest sending this out in the middle

December Cash: 5 Ideas

Thanksgiving is 2 weeks away and Hanukkah is soon to follow. Not a good time to be on a diet! Here are 5 ideas of things you plan for now to ensure that December is a great month for cash

Insurance: The Cost of Doing Business

Stuff happens. We all know it. Many of us have had a car accident. Or maybe the pipes in your house froze when the heat went out. Car accidents and the things that can go wrong at your home are