Month: October 2015

Baby Boomers: Don’t Forget Me!

“Wealth Transfer” is a common term in planned giving. Back in the 1990s, we were talking about wealth transfer from, as Tom Brokaw wrote about, “The Greatest Generation” – those who experienced World War II to Baby Boomers, the post

Bequests: Please Ask

It always seems that death happens in threes. My mother once told me this. When someone passes away, there will be a couple other people who you know or know of who pass away within a few days. She wasn’t

What About Me?

A couple of weeks ago, “Strategic Directions for Jewish Life: A Call to Action” (“A Call to Action”) was published in We all know that there are tremendous challenges for the American Jewish community. Many Christian denominations today in

Do We Still Need Direct Mail?

Maybe. It seems that our mailbox has days when it is completely stuffed, and days when there are one or two items. Yesterday our box was pretty full and I decided look at our mail with more of a critical

Plaques on Every Pew

A tour of a synagogue building really does tell you a lot about its culture of philanthropy. Of course it also tells you a lot about the synagogue’s history as well. When I start working with a synagogue on a