Month: April 2015

Saying Goodbye – And Thank You!!

I am often reminded of stories my dad shared with me. My parents were typical of those who were born during the Depression and were a part of “the Greatest Generation”, and who came of age during World War II.

Passover Is Over: What’s Next?

I used to measure big events in life in 8-week blocks. Back when I was going to summer camp, most of us went for the entire summer. Camp was 8 weeks. Tuition was like $800 that to most parents seemed

Response to “Does Your Synagogue Practice Financial Transparency”

John Humleker, the Executive Director of Shir Tikvah in Minneapolis, wrote the email below to me regarding financial transparency. Check out the link he included which highlights the action plan of the Shir Tikvah leadership regarding their dues/annual commitment model.

Church Challenges Redux

As a kid, for some reason I thought that, like Christmas, Easter was always on the same Sunday in April each year. The Jewish calendar was different from the regular calendar. And that because we were the Chosen People, our