Month: February 2015

Budget Season

It is budget time. And I came across an article recently regarding expenses for churches and the priorities of church leadership. I wrote a blog a few weeks ago about metrics. So today’s blog continues that conversation. Last April, Christianity

Should Religious School Be Free?

Or all Jewish learning that happens in synagogues for that matter. A few weeks ago, my friend John Humdeker, the executive director at Shir Tikvah in Minneapolis called for some advice. After a great deal of study, reflection and discussion,

Transactional Judaism: Enough!!

The “Pay What You Want” Model is now mainstream. An article last week in the New York Times has made it so. What really troubles me is that many people are talking about this “Pay What You Want”, or “Pledge

Discretionary Funds: Redux

In the story below, the names have been changed. Maybe you have heard a similar story before? Rob Cohen, the synagogue treasurer was reviewing the monthly financial reports a couple of days before this month’s executive committee meeting. He noticed