Month: January 2015

Legal Update: Housing Allowance for Clergy

In 2013, a lawsuit was filed in Federal District Court in Wisconsin challenging the clergy housing allowance and parsonage exclusion. The long and the short of it is this: the Court ruled in favor of the Freedom from Religion Foundation

By the Numbers: Using Metrics

Lately, I have been thinking and reading a lot about metrics. I went back and read my Blog from a couple of years ago on this topic. And I was also wondering how churches approach data. So I googled “Church

Counting Beans or Creating Change

Are synagogue leaders too focused on the synagogue as a business? I think the answer to this question is yes. Board discussions too often spend a great deal of time on developing new streams of income for the synagogue. Dues

Investing For Today and Tomorrow….

Josh Mandel, the president of a 150 family congregation in a resort community called me with a challenge regarding his synagogue’s $500,000 endowment fund. During the early 1980s, wealthy congregants – Lennie and Rose Cohen – who would winter each