Month: December 2014

A Hanukkah Gift: IRA Contributions to Synagogues

Not the best way to implement tax policy, but so be it. In 2006, the passage of the Pension Protection Act allowed people 70 ½ or older to make contributions of up to $100,000 from their IRA accounts to a

Partnership? Or Mutually Supportive Relationship?

Happy Hanukkah! Is the relationship between members of the synagogue board of trustees and the rabbi a partnership? Many people involved in synagogue life, both volunteers and professionals, often refer to it in this way. In many not-for-profit organizations as

Health Insurance: Taking Care of Synagogue Employees

Health insurance-it does have its challenges today, even with a plan with great coverage. But for the majority of Americans, it is certainly better than it was just a few years ago. The Affordable Care Act (“ACA”) has given more

What about Chabad?

The other day there was a web article in the New Jersey Jewish News about a “thirtysomething” couple who opened up a Chabad House in our town, Montclair, NJ. Montclair is located 12 miles west of the Lincoln Tunnel. It