Month: September 2014

David, What do you think about the new Dues Model?

My friend Mark asked me the other day what I thought about the new dues model that is being discussed at our synagogue. It is the one that uses the concept of financial support rather than dues and where people

It’s High Holy Day Time!!!

No doubt, this is an important time in synagogue life.   Literally, hundreds and thousands of people will be coming to synagogues throughout the world next week. In many North American synagogues, special efforts have been made to make them spiffy.

Who’s Pulpit is it Anyway – Talking About Israel

A few years ago, during a prior Israel military conflict with Gaza, synagogues were encouraged to place a banner on their front lawn that read “We Stand With Israel”. For me, it seemed like a no brainer. Even with my

Synagogues and Election Season

Many years ago, I went with my parents to Shabbat Evening services. It was October, a few weeks before the upcoming state and Federal elections. It was a warm night in October in Massachusetts, and the lobby doors were open.