Month: August 2014

Rethinking Summer at the Synagogue

I don’t think I was totally right in my blog last week that offered a fundraising toolkit for the High Holy Days. There were no problems with the Toolkit. If your congregation follows any of the 5 ideas I suggested,

“Fundraising Toolkit” for the High Holy Days

These are the transition weeks of summer. Facebook friends who live in Southern states are already posting pictures of their children on the first day of school. Our daughter who has been working at Camp Harlam will be coming home

So You Need Josh To Make A $1 Million Gift…

Is this story familiar to you? Upon arrival for a meeting with the synagogue’s leadership, the synagogue’s president shares with me that Josh Cohn, the chairman of the board and majority stockholder of SHOPHERE, a large department store chain in

We Are All Looking for Community

This morning, my wife Linda and I continued our ongoing conversation about moving. We love our house that we have lived in for almost 29 years. And we love Montclair, NJ as well as our synagogue community at Temple Ner