Month: April 2013

A $40 Million Estate With No Will Or Relatives!!!

There is an interesting article in Sunday’s New York Times about Roman Blum. Mr. Blum was a Holocaust survivor who became a successful real estate developer. He and his wife didn’t have any children. He outlived his wife, and recently

Boston: Security and Being Safe

It was the 1960s in Belmont, Massachusetts. In suburban Boston. The very next town to Watertown. Our front door was always unlocked. It was a time when kids came home from school for lunch. There weren’t many marathons back then.

Immigration Today: Would I Be Living In New Jersey?

My grandmother came from Ostropolia, Ukraine. She arrived in the United States as a teenager some time around 1920. She was the oldest child in her family, with two brothers and two sisters. She worked and saved her money. When

Pay a Little Now, Or A Lot Later….

Every synagogue has a congregant like Jack. He and his wife have been members since they moved to the community more than 40 years ago. He is a past president, organizes the synagogue’s cadre of volunteers at the local hospitals

Conducting A Feasibility Study: A Necessary Step to Campaign Success

Synagogue leaders have often asked me whether they should engage fundraising counsel to conduct a feasibility study. The leadership knows that they need to raise several million dollars to renovate the building and to start an endowment fund. Why can’t