Month: August 2012

What Would Your Synagogue Do With A Bequest Of $100,000?

A congregant of many years has passed away and left your synagogue $100,000. What will you do with the money? Whatever the amount is of such kindness, how the money can be spent doesn’t change. If the congregant has specified

Think Local: Seeking Foundation Funding for Synagogue Programs.

I hear this question a lot: “what about pursuing grants from foundations for our synagogue?” Every synagogue leader believes their synagogue is special and is doing great work. Our religious school is bursting at the seams and so many parents

90 Is The New 75!!

The fact is that we are living longer. Exercise. Diet. Medical Science. All are contributing factors to many of us living beyond the lifespan that was expected when we were born.  People are working longer.  The discussion about possible changes

Last Year, 4,000 Churches Closed Their Doors!!

Last year, 4,000 churches – there are about 320,000 Christian Churches in the United States – closed their doors. This is a shocking statement that I will come back to shortly. When I speak with friends who are active in