Month: July 2012

Data, Data and More Data: What Do We Do With It?

Recently, I attended an initial meeting of a synagogue leadership group with whom I am working. They are tasked with beginning a strategic planning process. The hope is that such an exercise will involve a critical mass of the membership

Tragedy in Aurora: Thinking About Synagogue Security

Our hearts go out to the families and loved ones affected by the horrible tragedy in Aurora, Colorado last Friday morning.   Who among us would ever think twice about going to a movie and being afraid what might happen? Such

Be A Welcoming Congregation: Please Ask Me My Name!

What does it mean to be a “welcoming” congregation? Synagogue leaders spend much time finding many different answers to this question. We want everyone who comes through the doors of our synagogues to feel like we do.  Shabbat Worship should

Membership Software: Many Blessings and Many Challenges

There is software for everything! I had to send some documents to someone recently. Some of them I had to scan on to my computer. And some were Word documents.  I was wondering if there was a way merge all