Month: June 2012

Websites: An Essential Tool For Today’s Synagogue

I think a lot about technology.  It is a big part of our everyday lives in so many ways. When my wife and I want to go to a movie, we look online to see what is playing at nearby

Will Synagogues One Day Have To Pay Property Taxes?

What would happen if synagogues were required to pay property taxes to local municipalities? Or capital gains taxes on income generated from their endowment? Or what if synagogue dues were no longer tax deductible for members? My personal opinion is

The Role of the Rabbi in Synagogue Fundraising

Many rabbis hate fundraising. They may have had a class or two in rabbinical school on this topic, but similar to many synagogue leaders and congregants, it is not an area of comfort for them. And yet the more engaged

Health Insurance for Synagogue Employees: Options and an Opportunity

A few years ago, within a six-month time span, both my wife Linda and our teenage daughter Dani had appendectomies. I was a little fearful that there might be something in the water in our house and my turn with