Month: May 2012

Dreaming Big: Ensuring Your Synagogue’s Financial Future

We want our synagogue buildings to be welcoming places. What is the message that is conveyed when there is an on-going leak from the ceiling in the sanctuary on rainy Shabbat evenings?  Or a building that was built in the

Asking Others for Tzedakah: Is It Really Worse Than Root Canal?

If you were to ask synagogue leaders how they feel about asking others for Tzedakah – a charitable contribution – not many would say it is something they love to do.  “It is worse than root canal!” might be a

High Holy Day Direct Mail Sample Letter

September 2, 2012 – 15 Elul 5772   Sarah and Ben Pollack 220 School Street Montclair, NJ 07042   Dear Sarah and Ben, Each summer seems to pass more quickly than the last, especially this year, when my oldest child

Online Payments: When “High Tech” is actually “High Touch”.

It is hard to believe that my daughter Dani begins college at American University in just 4 months. I am reminded of when I was preparing to go to George Washington University, when I opened my first checking account. I

Synagogue Dues: Can’t it be More Personal?

I worked on a project with a leadership group of a synagogue in the South. It is near a couple of major universities with teaching hospitals so its membership is comprised of many academics and physicians. The congregational leaders told