Starting Something New.

How can a synagogue impact our lives?

I am thinking a lot about this question as I embark on a consulting practice to help synagogue leaders tackle financial and strategic planning challenges. For me, part of the answer comes from our children. Our son Zack visited from Israel during Pesach. His Jewish Journey began in Religious School at Temple Ner Tamid in Bloomfield, NJ and then through it’s youth group. A high school semester in Israel set him on a course for Aliyah at nineteen. Six years later, he has completed his army service in a combat unit, speaks Hebrew and argues like an Israeli, and is now studying for his BA in Government in Tel Aviv.

Our seventeen-year old daughter Dani’s Jewish Journey had the same start in Religious School. Her Judaism flourished at Camp Harlam where she is excited to be a counselor this summer. She volunteers as a Teacher’s Assistant in Kindergarten every Sunday remembering the teenage role models that she always admired and looked up to.

For me, being a part of a Sacred Community at the time of the deaths of my mom and dad also highlights the positive impact. Of course there was lots of food, but most importantly, there were so many people who were with us to give us comfort.

Synagogues continue to transform people’s lives through prayer, music and adult education.

This is why I want to continue my work with synagogue leaders. I want to encourage you to dream big about your synagogue and to empower you to fulfill your dreams for its future. I can help you take the skills and knowledge you have through your own professional work and apply it in order to plan for and insure the future of your Sacred Community.

Email me or call me whenever you have a question about financial resource development, strategic planning, membership, or business/accounting stuff. I know the synagogue world better than most and I am committed to helping your synagogue become an even more vibrant Sacred Community.

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